OE-CUSSE Municipality


Oe-cusse is an enclave municipality: situated in the western part of the island of Timor, its land borders are completely enclosed by Indonesian territory, whilst the coastline is the only municipality border situated in Timor-Leste. Pante Makassar is the capital of the Oe-cusse, which in Portuguese times was also known as Vila Taveiro.  Under the decree-law number 3/2014, Oe-cusse was designated as a Special Economic Zone and is undergoing a process of rapid infrastructure development.  

Oe-cussi is one of the important historical sites for the country, as it was here that the Portuguese arrived in the region five centuries ago. The Lifau monument marks the spot where the Portuguese first came ashore, bringing with them the Catholic religion.
Nowadays, CBET development is significantly increasing in the area of lodges, food and services (restaurants), and handicrafts, as a result of the influx of many visitors to this municipality after it became a Special Economic Zone.


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