DILI Municipality


Dili is the capital of Timor-Leste as well as the smallest municipality in the country. It lies on the north coast of the island. Dili borders with Manatuto Municipality to the east, Aileu to the south, and Liquiça to the west. Atauro Island is also part of Dili Municipality. As a capital of the nation, Dili has a lot of tourist attractions to offer including Statue of Cristo Rei, The Timorese Resistance Archive and Museum, Dili Cathedral, Colmera Tais Market, Santa Cruz Cemetery, Arte Moris, Atauro Island, and Tasi Tolu.

In terms of CBET development in Timor-Leste, Dili has a lot of enterprises in diverse areas, including accommodation, tour guiding, local transportation, crafts, restaurants, cultural performances and so on. For example, on Ataúro Island, local communities have some good initiatives in developing their CBET enterprises in restaurants, lodges, local transportation, cultural performances, and handicrafts. And also, the island has become a role model for its “best practice” eco-lodge development.    

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