AINARO Municipality


CBET sites in the Central Zone encompass four municipalities: Ainaro, Aileu, Dili, and Liquiça.

CBET Central Zone

Ainaro is situated in the southwest of the country. Ainaro is one of the most popular tourist sites in Timor-Leste:  the country’s highest mountain, Ramelau, is located in this area and Maubisse and Hato Builico also receive a lot of visitors. There are several CBET enterprises which are currently being developed in Maubisse and Hatu Builico, in particular lodges, restaurants, and handicrafts.


In 2007, there were six CBET beneficiaries which gained financial support from the Ministry of Tourism in order to improve the quality of accommodation, facilities and services. 

Maubisse is one of the sub-municipalities of Ainaro.  Maubisse has many CBET guesthouses compared with other places in Ainaro. There is also a CBET enterprise, CBET Hakmatek, which received assistance from the local NGO Haburas Foundation and funding from the European Union. Most of the members of this CBET are farmers.



Hato Builico

Hato Builico is another sub-municipality which is situated in the northern part of Ainaro. Alecrim Namrau Lodge is one of the “best-practice” CBET enterprises in Timor-Leste. This CBET is owned by a well-known local family. Hato Builico is a focal point for hiking and treks to the summit of Mount Ramelau.

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